This poem was passed to me from a friend on the internet. I don't know where it came from or who wrote it, but the sentiment is enormous to how we feel at times.




Bittersweet, the grieving joy,
The death and birth of our twin boys.
One this world will never know,
One alone will live and grow.
Conceived and carried as a pair,
In birth alone one breathed the air.
His cry assured us he'd be fine;
His brother silent came behind.
One in heaven now will dwell.
One will play and laugh and yell
As all strong boys are want to do.
He'll learn in time he's one of two
And wonder at what might have been,
What life would be like with his twin.

The sharpest sting of grief will pass
And HE will grow up too fast
As happens with most every child.
I know at times we'll see him smile,
And recall our other son.
Who was so like this living one.
So pain won't end, can't go away,
But joy grows stronger every day.
As we experience life anew,
Seeing the world as children do.
We're grateful that we'll have a chance,
To see our one son sing and dance.
To help him learn, to watch him grow,
These all are pleasures we will know.

Yet through the joy and love and care
We'll remember One is not there.

These are all the pictures we have of Noah the 12 days he was with us.


You can barely see his ear, but it is just SKIN, no cartildge yet. It felt weird.


Me holding Noah's hand the day after he was born when they let me out of bed.

Always looked like he was trying to suck his thumb!

Nathan's bed is in the back... he hated having hiscover lifted. The nurses called him the grouch! Noah was under the oxyhood

And this is my favorite picture of Noah. To me he looks like a little Elf!

This is where Noah's ashes are resting. And the inscription.