Well our "Nathan not being hospitalized since leaving the NICU streak" is officially over. 

  On Thursday Feb. 22, Nate woke up with a high fever but had no outward symptoms of anything.. still we made an appointment for him because he had just gotten over an upper respiratory infection in January. So Friday he went to pediatrics and was placed on a low dose anti-biotic and some oral steroids as a precaution and we started breathing treatments at home. Monday morning (Feb 26th) his temperature spiked and we took him to the ER around 6 a.m. They swabbed and tested him for strep and RSV, he tested positive for RSV, so they gave us more antibiotics and sent us on our way home with instructions to see our pediatrician in a day or two.. we were at pediatrics the next day, Tuesday. They gave Nathan a good once over and decided he was laboring to breathe a little bit and checked his oxygen levels. He wasn't saturating as well as he should have been so they put him on oxygen and decided we would be admitted. Nathan was taken by ambulance to the hospital with me following behind. He was NOT happy.

First of all, the kid has never spent that much time away from Randy or myself, and the few times he has been away from us it has been with family he has seen and knows and only for maybe an hour at the time.. secondly his own MOTHER just wheeled him up to the ambulance waiting outside the clinic and HANDED him over. This did not go over well and I think he's still mad at me!

So we were admitted and spent the next 6 days sitting in his little room watching tv and being peeked at, poked at, and prodded at every 2 hours or so. He was on an IV drip with some good strong anti-biotics and also because he wasn't eating and was a bit dehydrated! He tolerated it pretty well all in all. But he didn't make friends with any of the nurses. They were his sworn enemy no matter how nice they were to him. He was released from the hospital on Sunday March 4th, but he is on oxygen therapy still. We got our big *kegger* delivered and a couple of small portable ones with a wheelie for them. Nate is doing okay now, he doesn't try to take his nasal canula off but you can frequently hear him yelling "I'm stuck, I'm stuck" then the cord gets caught on something!


Here are some pictures of his hospital stay.



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